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Bags of style

This autumn has been busy; prepping for Christmas business and launching two new lines. Simultaneously producing customer orders and trying to educate myself on the latest twists and turns of social media marketing. I am most drawn to the creative: developing new products.
I wanted to tackle tote bag designs, these had real charm but had flopped commercially, in part because they evolved from a home storage concept I'd dreamt up for my own home, and it wasn't easy to get the idea across on the pages of a web-shop.
Following great feedback on the images, it was on the to-do list to revamp and relaunch as soon as possible. I ordered a huge range of different shapes and styles of canvas bags to try out, and picked the one I felt was best both aesthetically and practically.
I also wanted to experiment with more colour, and created a grainy textured looking ground which looked great printed on the canvas as a background to the sketchy imagery. The final colour combination has warmth and taste, it elevates the whole design.


Model chien.jpg
model parapluie.jpg
model Vélo.jpg
Model Fourre-tout.jpg
Posted on October 31, 2017 and filed under 2017.