Cool stuff to start

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Much planning going on here- and lots of work on new designs. I like to mix it up, so a morning tussle with SEO is followed by big, bold sketches with a sharpie and my A3 spiral bound sketch pad in the studio. This drawing seems to be saying 'cheerio' to the old year and greeting 2017.
I'm not one for new years' resolutions but hoping for more live music, some travel and finally getting to grips with the garden this year.

My last gig was Kate LeBon just before Christmas, She was amazing, in both her undercover druid glam-rocker and contemporary goddess appearances.  I've heard great things about a band called 'Too many Ts', mainly that they're a really, really nice crew... we love that here at Sight Hound HQ. Their website is awesome- heavily featuring screen print (off reg) which is especially dear to my heart.

Posted on January 6, 2017 and filed under 2017.