Bags of style

This autumn has been busy; prepping for Christmas business and launching two new lines. Simultaneously I am producing customer orders and whenever I get 5 mins, trying to educate myself on the latest twists and turns of social media marketing. Not surprisingly the task I'm most drawn to is the most creative - developing new products.
I wanted to tackle my tote bag designs, they had real charm but had not been commercially successful, in part because they evolved from a home storage concept I'd dreamt up for my own home, and it wasn't easy to get the idea across on the pages of any web-shop, even my own.
I'd had great feedback on the images, so it was on my to-do list to revamp and relaunch as soon as possible. I ordered a huge range of different shapes and styles of canvas bags to try out, and picked the one I felt was best both aesthetically and practically. We all have lots of totes but some are our faves and we keep them with us all the time, others don't get used much at all. I wanted these to be in the former category.
I also wanted to experiment with more colour, and created a grainy textured looking ground which looked great printed on the canvas as a background to the sketchy imagery. The final colour combination has warmth and taste, it elevates the whole design.


Model chien.jpg
model parapluie.jpg
model Vélo.jpg
Model Fourre-tout.jpg
Posted on October 31, 2017 and filed under 2017.