Out of this World.

Lunch and a walk on the Kent downs yesterday was so inspirational I've been moved to blog about it. Mainly because I took lots of pictures, had an amazing day, and I want to tell everybody that- yes, get out and explore, it might be amazing.

Posted on September 10, 2017 .

Cool stuff to start

Much planning going on here- and lots of work on new designs. I like to mix it up, so a morning tussle with SEO is followed by big, bold sketches with a sharpie and my A3 spiral bound sketch pad in the studio. This drawing seems to be saying 'cheerio' to the old year and greeting 2017.
I'm not one for new years' resolutions but hoping for more live music, some travel and finally getting to grips with the garden this year.

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Country Living

It has been wonderful to see my cushions in the June edition of Country Living magazine. Mary Claire of Frank in Whitstable has a beautiful seaside bungalow which was featured in detail. She has an amazing eye, and it was no surprise to see her home decor is as well considered as her shop displays. Francine Raymond gave us the story of the bungalow & I loved to see my own work alongside such fabulous furniture and pottery in Catherine Gatwicke's photographs, styled by Hester Page.

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Folkestone Triennial Fringe

It was a lot of fun to create this shipping signal flag inspired bunting for the Triennial Fringe Hub. Situated on the harbour, and housed in a couple of souped up shipping containers, what could be more colourful and appropriate? The Triennial is also titled 'Look out'. The codes I selected read:

I want to communicate with you,
Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals,
You are running into danger, and the slightly hilarious:
I am manoeuvering with difficulty.

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A drive to Whitstable on the north coast of Kent proved worthwhile last Friday. I met the hawk-eyed owner Mary Claire at Frank, who knows exactly what she's at with her design-led gift shop full of carefully collected objects, cards and prints. My cushions look right at home, my U-Sew-Me kits look smart, and scarfs are on their way. It was lovely to chat with another graphics/ typo/ colour enthusiast in the wonderful surroundings of Frank, and then to take a short stroll around Whitstables' impressive independent shops.


Cushions on display at Frank.

Cushions on display at Frank.

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Poetry Collaboration

A wonderful poem and drawing of my son's, and an invitation to contribute to a poetry exhibition , coincided last week and I pulled the elements together in these two cushions. 



These cushions are a collaboration between me and my son. He wrote the poem and drew the bird as a piece of creative writing at school- it came home at the end of term among a bundle of work and it really stood out to me as something he'd enjoyed doing so well. Soon afterwards I was invited to contribute to this show and I realised it was a chance to do something more with this poem. The eagle drawing was almost a silhouette and ideal to make into a paper stencil screen print. I am making lots of cushions at the moment and I like the contrast of putting a bird of prey on to something intrinsically soft.

Screen printing offers many qualities including repeats, which is why there are two cushions with different treatments.

Cushion 1 & 2

Cushion 1 & 2

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Cotton square

A useful item like this must be the right size, weight and texture. Good -looking and practical, it will keep out a chill or complete an outfit. In the kitchen or workshop it scoops your hair away from your face and gives you a purposeful poise. Keep it with you always, this one's made with naturally coloured cotton. It's beautifully soft but durable, and generous without being impractical in size. Printed in three colours and measuring 57 cm square.

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